Archive – BlackBerry 9650 finally ready to be launched

Developed by Canadian Research in Motion (RIM) BlackBerry is one of the leading business phones all around the world. One of the most rumored smartphone regarding its launch is BlackBerry 9650. It is also called “Tour2” or “RIM Essex”. However, its key features got leaked later this year still it has not yet been launched in the market. All the BlackBerry lovers and the competitors of BlackBerry are anxiously waiting for this launch.


BlackBerry 9650


BlackBerry Bold 9650 will feature a 3.2-megapixel camera and will have 256MB internal memory which will be extendable through a Micro SD card. It is 2.4 inches wide, 4.4 inches in height and 0.6 inches in depth. If will use BlackBerry’s latest Operating System OS5.0.x. It has a 480 x 360 HVGA display and full QWERTY keyboard. It has the latest GPS technology, Bluetooth 2.0, High speed USB and Wi-Fi. People were curious to know about the trackpad of BlackBerry before its leak but soon it was revealed that it will have an optical trackpad rather than the trackball.

BlackBerry 9650The features of BlackBerry 9650 (Tour2 or RIM Essex) are almost the same as the 9600 series with a bit of improvement in them. Sprint and Verizon two of the most famous distributors of cell phone industry have the rights to launch this new smartphone by BlackBerry. But still the launch date has not been officially announced. It is expected that this cell phone will come in the market in by the mid of May. However, this new smartphone by BlackBerry does not have anything extra ordinary in it but still BlackBerry is delaying its launch is really difficult to understand because Motorola, Nokia, Google, Apple and Microsoft, the major players in the smartphone industry, are bringing some great smartphones for the customers. If BlackBerry puts further delay on the launch of Tour2 it will get much more difficult for it to capture the market.