Battlefield 4: Naval Strike Free DLS



In an enticing way to hype up the upcoming release of “Battlefield 1,” EA Games has been making other games’ DLCs available for free. The latest addition is “Battlefield 4: Naval Strike,” which is up for grabs until July 26. The DLC was originally made available back in March of 2014.

As PC Gamer notes, “Naval Strike” is a DLC which consists of four water-themed maps – Lost Islands, Nansha Strike, Wave Breaker and Operation Mortar. In addition, there are also more weapons, attachments, as well as the Carrier Assault Mode. Further, there is a redesign of Titan Mode from “Battlefield 2142.”

Transferring from one map to another is relatively easy in “Battlefield 4: Naval Strike.” This is because of the number of vehicles players can take to get from one to another. Further, some waters are shallow, allowing gamers to easily cross.

The Lost Islands map features fishing villages, as well as a crashed plane. Of course, the DLC focus primarily on naval-based combat. However, this relatively small map allows players to engage in the infantry and some air combat as well.

Naval Strike also allows for infantry battles, mostly because of the amount of boats and bases spread out in the water. It is important to take control of the more powerful vehicles, as well as take advantage of the small rivers.

Meanwhile, Wave Breaker features a naval base, which cannot be seen at first glance. This is because it hides beneath a rocky hill. There is also an interactive submarine. Because of its setting, close combat is relatively frequent. It is best to take advantage of the four flood gates during gameplay.

Lastly, is Operation Mortar. It is set in a cliff side resort, which means that it was once a vacation hotspot before the war took over. One quick way to get further in this particular map is to take control of the fort on top of the mountain. This way, players get an overview of the rest of the island.

“Battlefield 4: Naval Strike” is available for download for free. Players using the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 can avail of the same in the respective online stores.

On the other hand, “Battlefield 1” will be available for the PS4, PC and Xbox One onOctober 21.