EVOLUS – the most versatile dock ever for all your needs

Can we make great things better for you? 

Nothing stays on for long, tomorrow can be different. A new iPhone7 is on the horizon, the new Apple Watch 2 as well. The iPad Pro has been recently introduced and requires a larger base. The variety of Apple Watch bands is growing, dimensions and weights as well. The magnetic charger has got certain limits to keep the weight of the watch in place. In particular for the popular nightstand mode, “tower” docking solutions for the Apple Watch are not  ideal anymore for all upcoming variations. So we put our heads together and came up with a future proof solution which gets rid of the cable chaos and organizes all your devices in one place. And we even included a unique and cool solution for our travelers.


Meet EVOLUS, the only dock you want

So here it is. EVOLUS. We redefined the classic W3 dock ( you guys might surely remember Michael`s Kickstarter success last year), taking all your wishes into the development approach, adding multiple and unique features to make it as much convenient for you to charge all your devices in one place…and in style. And we guarantee it will work as well with the upcoming generation of devices, iPhone 7 and the Apple Watch 2.

EVOLUS is modular built and offers the flexibility to be upgraded with new modules if ever needed. And now we even got a special version for our Android, Google and Windows fans. Finally, an elegant and one stop solution for your tablet, smartphone and your smartwatch or fitness tracker.