Microsoft helps detect Pokemon

Microsoft now has a Pokemon detector feature that helps one detect Pokemons in your account.

pokemon go

Microsoft’s OneDrive has been updated to provide help to those looking for Pokemons in their accounts. This could – based storage device is the next best thing for those finding it difficult to search of Pokemons around the area.

How it works?

If your phone’s camera roll is configured to automatically upload all photos to the OneDrive account and you take lots of screenshots with the Pokemons you capture, the service now allows you to search for monster by simply writing their name. A simple search for Pokemon brings up all photos, but you can also look for a specific one with its name.

Other updates

Apart from that, Windows users also have the privilege of making use of automatic albums. It is through this that they can group photos together based on location and time. These albums are automatically generated if you enable the feature. Moreover, a new option called ‘on this day’ shows you photos you’ve taken in the past. The improved search also makes it possible to look for pictures using emoji.

‘We worked closely with the Windows team to improve the experience in the Windows 10 Photos app. Now, when you sign in to Windows 10 with your Microsoft account, all of your OneDrive photos show up—including albums that were created for you automatically by OneDrive! You can even upload local albums to OneDrive so that those albums roam with you and are available across all your devices,’ the company says.

You need to make sure you are running the latest version.(Source)

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