Neuroon Intelligent Sleep Mask


Sleep better at night, nap effectively during the day, and beat jet lag using Neuroon’s six features. The Neuroon will sync wirelessly with your iOS or Android smartphone.

Neuroon Intelligent Sleep Mask

Waking up too early

Set up the Biorhythm Alarm according to your needs and let the Neuroon automatically adjust your wake up time leaving you rejuvenated and ready for the day.


Low energy every morning

Use Neuroon Light Boost feature to increase your energy level. This quick program uses light spectrum therapy to give you a real burst of sustainable energy that will get you back on target.



Neuroon includes a set of features that will help you fight insomnia including Sleep Analytics, Light Boost, Personalized Tips, and Biorhythm Adjuster so you can regain peaceful sleep and good energy.


Trouble falling asleep

Biorhythm Adjuster is a Neuroon feature that helps adjust the time you fall asleep. You will receive personalized tips and recommendations based on your sleep history to help you sleep better.


Difficulty waking up

Neuroon will wake you up gradually with light imitating the sunrise. Gentle light will help you to wake up easier and with more energy. Also use the Light Boost feature to gain sustainable energy throughout the day.


Waking up during the night

Neuroon will analyze your sleep to give you detailed information about your wake-ups, sleep stages and heart rate. This will help you understand when you wake up and why you wake up during the night so you can optimize your sleep.



Boost your energy with the Personal Pause feature – our customized napping program. Neuroon will recommend the best times to take a nap so that you can feel energized and feel fresh throughout the day.



The Jet Lag Blocker feature will help you decrease the drowsiness associated with jet lag. Start the therapy before your flight and you can stop worrying about jet lag! Neuroon will help you feel better!


Physical exhaustion

Combine the Jet Lag Blocker and Light Boost feature with Custom Naps to gain energy and fight Jet Lag.


Mental exhaustion

Use the Personal Pause feature – our customized napping programme. Neuroon will recommend the best times to take a nap so that you can relax your body and mind. Neuroon will wake you up in the best sleep stage, leaving you full of energy.

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Neuroon is fully tested and approved by international bodies to ensure your safety.


CB Scheme by the IECEE
E473307 UL Listed


CE European Economic Area
20848-NEUR1 IC Canada
007-AE0008 Japan


IEC 62471 International Standard (No harmful amounts of UV or infrared rays are emitted)