Nokia Asha 503 – Review and Call quality

Nokia-ASHA-503 is an amusing minimal reasonable component telephone to come in lively beautiful tones. With a novel glass-like external covering, it appears as though it is straightforward lustrous Dreifuß and doubtlessly for the more youthful crowd. ASHA-503 arrives in a double and single-SIM models (we have the adaptation with a SIM to check). It expands on the square like configuration and hues by ASHA-501, yet includes an all the more effective 5-megapixel camera in 3 g network, and makes it more power. Sufficiently all to purchase this component telephone rather than to legitimize a moderate present day Smartphone?


Nokia Asha 503The Nokia-ASHA-503 has a genuinely exceptional configuration – one (it’s really plastic) covers its energetic shading translucent glass-like covering, without stowing away. It looks a touch like when Nokia this mid year took ASHA 501 and place them in a glass Cabinet. At first we were astounded rather than ASHA 503-outline, however awed the hard covering developed extra minutes on us and wound up we like the sentiment solidness, there is the telephone and just for its novel appearance. ASHA-503 comes in energetic red, yellow, green, cyan, white and dark. This new Member of the group of ASHA is likewise littler and more reduced than the vast majority of his companions ASHA, keeping in mind that implies that you get a littler screen, it additionally implies that the unit fits effectively in pockets and is truly simple to use with only one hand. It is a touch bigger and thicker than the past ASHA-501, yet the distinction is little. Honestly, it is a touch plump, yet given its conservative size, this isn’t a lot of an issue. The telephone is immovably together and it feels like you are something that will withstand the test of time and components, working, in spite of the fact that this telephone not water or tidy at all is ensured.

ASHA-503 elements that capacitive “back” catch a solitary specifically underneath the showcase and works in an anticipated and steady way bring you go down with extra special care. All other route in ASHA’s interface is helpful by means of swipes, however more on that later. The handset has on an extremely clicky and simple to bolt catch and volume suitable for press rocker, situated on the right side. There’s likewise a MicroUSB port and 3.5 mm earphone jack at the top.


Nokia Asha 503The ASHA 503 offers a capacitive (secured with Gorilla glass) 3-inch LCD presentation supporting 262 thousand hues and not the 16 million we’re utilized on most cell phones today. This makes shading moves of less smooth and with a low determination of 240 x 320 pixels, pictures look pixelized, not sharp. It bodes well shading precision for such talk a reasonable gadget, however we were still our tests, just way are hues much of the time with a perceptible somewhat blue tint to demonstrate what we suspected. Brilliance is additionally far lower than the normal, and that makes the screen hard to peruse outside. Review edges are likewise arm and the picture washes out significantly at a point and totally on more great edges. In spite of all value contemplations, we were disappointed by the screen of the ASHA-503.


ASHA-503 accompanies a 5-megapixel camera for back settled center, and it is no front-confronting camera. We really like the camera interface – it is a touch moderate to open, yet is legitimately upgraded. Wipe change shooting methods of picture stills on video in the display. A long fingertip opens a menu where you can change the Flash settings, include clock, impacts, pick sounds and select a determination. Better settings are not accessible, however. The picture quality is alright for the class. Hues are for the most part regular and wonderful, and that is sufficient, get substance given the cost to us. With an altered center camera he doesn’t accompany the disadvantage in ready to shoot large scale.

Interactive media

Nokia Asha 503

Notwithstanding of being a minor 3 “telephone, ASHA-503 could in any case be utilized to play recordings, and we were agreeably amazed that it bolsters every single prevalent organization and video codecs right out of the door. We again played documents in local determination of 240 × 320 pixels, and there was no stammering. With a MicroSD card and a straightforward music player, you can doubtlessly stack your music accumulation and listen on the go. We like the way that the earphones are packaged in the crate and the telephone’s shade, however the sound quality to is nothing to see or to hear how music sounds extremely tinny, profundity is absent. The photo exhibition is an extremely straightforward application that has no incorporation with social administrations. Tragically, it is gradually shot stacking of pictures, even the 5MP-Aufnahmen, on this handset.

Call quality

Nokia Asha 503We are really content with the call quality on ASHA-503. It includes a solitary mouthpiece, yet our guests reported it sounds sufficiently clear and boisterous, and the normal tone of our could undoubtedly recognize. On our side of the line, in the earpiece votes are a bit too calm – less for these be an issue inside, yet represent sample in a swarmed place or take a shot at the lute development site may be an issue.

The battery life

ASHA-503 accompanies a 1200mAh battery, however in spite of the fact that the size from the past ASHA-501 has not changed, the genuine life span really has 12 hours on 2 G and the low 4.5 hours on 3 g was up a bit on the normal. A component telephone is something that a great many people would utilize less regularly and makes an interpretation of this into an impression of long battery existence with an incredible stand by time. In our days with the telephone by and large right around three days between charges, what is still adequately more than what we get on most cell phones. Battery life is one of the not very many situations where highlight telephones helpful.


With a cost of around $99 (€99 in Europe), ASHA-503, a reasonable gadget is beyond question, yet at the present time, there are numerous cell phones offer a great deal more at the same cost. ASHA-503 comes to reasonable markets, where it will meet wild competition, shabby Android gadgets from built up makers and new Chinese telephone organizations that now offer telephones in settled outlets. The Samsung Galaxy Star S5282 resembles a much answer at the same cost better all-round offered an advanced working framework Android 4.1 jam bean bundling and four times more RAM. The genuine rivalry, yet originates from China with gadgets, for example, the Huawei Y300 with bigger 4 “WVGA screen, double center processor, double SIM network and Android 4.1 on board. We like the beautiful outline and exceptional style of ASHA-503, and it has a better than average 5-megapixel camera, however there is an immense inconsistency between its cost and usefulness, we can simply see the. A telephone of this gauge ought to be a great deal less in today’s expenses. ASHA-503 engage in-your-face Nokia fans and individuals who would prefer not to for reasons unknown, that a Smartphone. For everything else, there are vastly improved choices out there.

7.2 Total Score

With a cost of around $99 (€99 in Europe), ASHA-503, a reasonable gadget is beyond question, yet at the present time, there are numerous cell phones offer a great deal

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