Samsung Galaxy Tab A: Price winner

Compact tablet for the Internet

Meet amazing new tablet Galaxy Tab A, which is totally eye-catching! It differs with its refined simplicity. Slim (7.5 mm) and light (450 g) Galaxy Tab A is very portable. Surfing the web and reading texts on the tablet Galaxy Tab A 2016 is as convenient as never before. Screen format with an aspect ratio of 4: 3. For this reason it is the recommended tablet for reading books, magazines and newspapers, as well as for browsing the Internet.

Samsung Galaxy Tab AClear pictures and fast autofocus

5-megapixel camera on the back panel of the tablet is equipped with the most advanced options to select camera settings. Due to fast and accurate autofocus, you can easily get clear pictures and videos. The camera can also be used to scan barcodes and QR-codes. By using the continuous shooting mode (or burst mode), you can make a few consecutive shots by simply holding down the camera button. All control buttons for photo-video camera of the tablet are located on the same screen.

High performance

Equipped with a 1.2 GHz quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM and the latest version of the Android OS, the tablet Galaxy Tab A has a superior performance, simple and convenient user interface and optimal aspect ratio. The device is actually pretty speedy. It can easily hand many different applications when changing them through the recent apps option. You will appreciate the high-speed downloading of multimedia content, including video, audio and Internet pages.

Samsung Galaxy Tab ADesign of the tablet

Design of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A is on-trend. It’s slim, lightweight and comfortable. It is wrapped in a very durable plastic. Its back panel is very smooth, that makes it convenient for your fingers. Its rounded shape makes it really easy to capture. Samsung Galaxy Tab A dimensions:       8.2 x5.4×0.29 (inches). It can’t be called the thinnest tablet ever on the market, but it’s definitely not on the last positions. There’s a power button with a volume button on the top-right edge. Card slot for microSD is located below. On the bottom edge there is the Micro-USB port, headphone jack and single speaker.

Simple connection to other devices

Galaxy Tab A can be connected to Samsung Smart TV to view video, pictures and other content on your big screen TV. By using Samsung Account or Bluetooth protocol to connect devices to each other and watch content, which is stored on Galaxy Tab A on the screen of the television or on the contrary. The internal storage can be expanded by up to 128 GB via the micro-SD slot.

Samsung Galaxy Tab ASamsung Galaxy Tab A vs Tab S

What’s better, Samsung Galaxy Tab A or Samsung Galaxy Tab S? If you’re looking for a perfect tablet choice, most likely you have already asked yourself this question. The first thing to mention is that Galaxy Tab A is pretty much cheaper. Of course, Tab S has more advantages. But Galaxy Tab A has many same features as it. You may be surprised, but it also has some features that Tab S doesn’t have! For example:

  • proximity sensor,
  • TFT display technology,
  • better quality for rear camera,
  • 4G Internet,
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot,
  • Micro-USB wired connection.

It’s a personal choice of every customer, which of the tabs is better for him. But it’s quite obvious that Samsung Galaxy Tab A definitely worth its money. Not many inexpensive tablets can offer as many functions as this one. That’s why we call this tablet a price winner!

6.5 Total Score
Quite Good

Samsung Galaxy Tab A has the most affordable price as well as many different perks. This is the reason why it’s the best cheap tablet on the market!

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