The World’s Smallest 360 Camera – Nico360




Are you offering a warranty on Nico360?
Yes, we are offering a 1 year warranty.

How does your camera stabilize?

Electronic image stabilization

What data does the Nico360 capture?

The Nico360 captures live data including motion: acceleration, rotation and G-force.

Does the Nico360 shoot video and stills?

The Nico360 can capture 1440P WQHD video, time lapses, 25MP stills, and 25MP photo bursts.

Does the Nico360 offer live preview?

The Nico360 has live preview from our iOS and Android app,

Do files transfer wirelessly to my phone and auto assemble on the app?


Will there be the ability to do software updates to the Nico360 camera?

Yes! From day one, we built OTA (Over-The-Air) upgrade capabilities into the hardware, which will allow you to update your product, making it even better every quarter.

What is the WIFI range?

Roughly 30ft.

Where will you be shipping from? Have you calculated import fees?

We will be shipping from the US or China, so you will need to determine additional fees and import taxes based on your country.

Does the camera have time lapse?

Time lapses can be captured with 2-60 second intervals.

What is your FOV?

For each lens, FOV is 195°. the entire FOV is 360°x 360°

What is the Nico360’s weight?

96 grams.

What is the Nico360’s sound quality?

the Nico360 records stereo AAC audio at 48KHz, 128Kbit/s. It also has built-in Automatic Gain Control (AGC) option.

Are you shipping internationally?

Yes, we are shipping internationally. Please keep in mind taxes and additional fees may apply.

Can you ensure a shipping date?

We are confident with our product timeline, however we will let all backers know if any unexpected changes come up.